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Reform Sports do not only do installations, we have a team of highly skilled in-house consultants to meet your sports consultation needs.


Our team of in-house designers are always ready to design a standard  field  that will meet your needs.


A high-performing field is only as strong as its foundation. From the ground up, we provide a high-end system to ensure your field’s performance, durability, quick drainage, and safety.

Installation & Repair

Your field is your canvas.  We give our clients a creative license to design their field, and the luxury to sit back and watch as it takes shape.  During our installation process, you will begin to see your field as you have designed it.

A breakdown of our sports field services.

Sports Field Construction Services

Artificial Turf & Natural Grass Football Pitch Construction

We are able to design and construct a FIFA standard football pitch ranging from a 5 aside to a standard stadium pitch.

Construction of Basketball Court.

We are able to construct and renovate basketball courts using quality flooring materials such as acrylic, paint and tartan.

Multi-Purpose Sports Pitch Construction.

Constructing a multi-purpose pitch makes it easy for you to play different games such as lawn tennis, basketball on same field.

Indoor and Outdoor Field Sports Construction.

Reform sports is able to help you build any type of indoor or outdoor field games. Get in touch to get free consultation.